Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The writing world - making a beginning

This blog is all about the experiences and adventures of a work from home mom in the writing world. Learn all you need to know about starting your writing career working from home.

Dreams…dreams and …more dreams …that’s what life is all about. This is definitely the driving force in our lives. Imagine a scenario wherein we had all that we wished for and there is nothing more to aspire for. A boring dead place, that's what the world would be with all our needs met without any effort. It is the struggle to the destination, the beautiful journey that makes the end truly worth it.

This blog is all about my journey from a stay at home mom to a work from mom. Explore the world of freelance writing and blogging with me. I promise to walk you through the lanes that unfolded to me the secrets of starting a writing career right from home. All you need is a computer, a good and reliable internet connection, some knowledge of what lies in store for you in the writing world (the immense possibilities) and of course last but not the least the will to succeed.

Getting married very early meant a world that was all about hubby dear and all things bright and beautiful. The good Lord was kind enough to bless me with all this. The arrival of my beautiful baby made life complete in all respects. I enjoyed being at home, cooking, the weekend trips and spending time with my little one.

However, with time and by little one slowly learning to be independent and hubby being busy with work, I did find time and the desire to do something more began to slowly raise its head. This beckoned me very often to do something for myself. Yes, all that I was doing for my family and my home was in effect doing for myself. However, there was an inner urge to do something more...just for satisfying my inner urge. Something that let me connect with myself, put my education to good use and make me feel good about my own skills and talents and of course make some good money. This is where my explorations of what and how to make a beginning started.

Not having worked at all and no exposure to the working world proved to be a stumbling block, but not for long. Online research and explorations brought me results that showed it is possible to realize my dreams and that too without leaving my home. I could be at home and also do what I wishes to do. I realized that if you have it in you there are opportunities out there, you just need to know what and where to look. Even the word "Impossible" says I'm possible.

I soon realized that the first step was to search within. Had to understand my own strengths and weaknesses and decide the best line of work for me. I do admit that it was not easy at all. Identifying your niche is the tough part and then begins the long journey to finding the right path to achieving your goals. Working from home was the sole option at the time that would work for me considering how young my little one was. I was ambitious, but not ambitious enough to leave my sweet heart to a daycare and pursue a career. The initial searches revealed that there were opportunities online however, they all needed me to make a payment to start work. This didn’t sound too good. Someone out there wants me to work for him and also me to make a payment to get the job. I decided to go on...and time delay was killing. At last....after many hours of search the gates finally opened to a whole new world, I guess when you want to do something with all your heart, you surely find the way.

Going through my skill sets, writing it was for me. I began with writing letters to the editor,writing small articles for women’s magazines. The positive response was motivation to make me stick on to the writing world.

I am sure that there are many housewives, retired persons and even students out there who wish to make a beginning working from home. This blog aims to provide you all the resources you need to get started.

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