Saturday, August 23, 2008

The online work place –content writing/blogging

The online work place is a replica or a reflection of the real world and so you can expect all kinds of people here. And why not, it is the people from the real world, their attitudes, behavioral traits and habits who make up the virtual world.

Working online can eliminate problems like commuting everyday and having to deal with a problem boss. You can choose your work and continue to work as long as it is going good. Some companies may however, require you to sign an agreement. A basic agreement for work and a non-disclosure agreement are the generally required documents. Do so after consulting your lawyer and also doing a through survey and understanding the credentials of the company under question.

At the work place, you would come across all kinds of people.
• You should be able to smartly sift the good from the not so good.
• Be aware of the trends in your field. Make the most of the available opportunities.
• Reading and gathering pertinent information is very important.
• Keeping abreast of changes and the trends in your line of work is essential. This would add to your working knowledge. Like for instance, when I started writing I used to get topics and keywords and used to write and submit the articles. I didn’t really get into finding out why these articles were written and why is it that so many employers exist and are ready to pay so much for creating content. However, sometime into writing backed by my curiosity I explored further. An interest to move further into the line of SEO based writing I ventured further to understand the purpose of the articles(which I will acquaint you with in the days to come).
• Be smart to understand the requirements and deliver accordingly. This is like a business empire that you are building from scratch. Pay attention to maintain good quality of work and ensure meeting deadlines.
• Original, quality work is very important here. After going through several articles here some people are tempted to do a bit of copy-paste. Do not make the mistake. There are powerful versatile softwares that can within seconds find any sentence that is lifted from anywhere. Copyscape is a software that your employers would be running your article through before approving it. You break the trust once and it sure is going to be difficult for anyone to trust you next time on.

Work at improving your writing skills. Reading articles of various kinds and understanding the different styles of writing is important. The tone of the writing also changes whether you are writing website content, blogging, writing promotional material or informative articles. An open mind, an eagerness to learn and experimenting are key to making it a success here. In the coming days, more on SEO writing and writing tips.