Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Writing opportunities - the quest begins here

The search for job options began…went on and on and in the process I guess I have contributed a great deal to making many millionaires. The website owners running adsense and other advertsing programs sure must have been happy seeing the click results that came in:). I did click on every interesting looking ad that stated "Writing jobs", "Freelance writing jobs", "Write for us" and so on....

From one site to the other my exploration then led me to some of the more famous and popular job sites. At the time in India, the internet was not a very popular concept and “working from home” was not an option that many employers even considered.
The job sites did have writing opportunities, however, the openings of “work from home” were hardly visible. However, I decided to just try my luck. I send out my resume and a mail to the employers who had advertised for writers. Thought there would surely be someone out there with a experimental frame of mind. Work from home employees were definitely beneficial to employers considering they didn't need to provide office space, no fixed overheads and no PF and other benefits to be provided. You outsource your writing job and pay the writer for the work done....end of deal.

A good internet connection and a home office that can cater to the needs of the employer is a pre-requisite and thus, I had it ready. I was ready to begin work as soon as I found a good client.

Many ads and replies later I was glad to receive a positive response. Here I would like to make specific mention of the job site with which I was able to start my writing career. is where I began. Yes, one of the ads on the site to which I applied did reply positively. That's how I made a beginning and after over two years in the writing field still continue to write for the client. The Naukri site has a complete section dedicated to writers. You will find all you wish to under the category, “Content/Journalism”. The openings are updated regularly.

Today, the number of writing opportunities for "work from home writers" have definitely increased. It is a trend that has picked up pace. There are also several other reputed job sites which I would name subsequently in the coming days. So keep a look out for it.

One word of caution before you begin. Keep in mind that that not all the jobs listed in any of the job sites are 100% reliable. In the online world, you cannot really ascertain the credibility of an employer till you get the first pay packet. It thus, helps to keep in touch with other writers, be registered on writing forums and find out details about the prospective employer. It is best to benefit from the knowledge of others and be safe rather than making a big mistake and pay the heavy price.

Beware of frauds. There are many out there who are waiting to cash in on your writing skills and not pay you your dues. When I began it was a major struggle trying to locate the right places to find work. My endeavor here is to help you with your search and provide suggestions that are backed by my experience. However, checking out the reliability or the authenticity of the specific job opening is one that you need to make sure before making a beginning. Get started and write your way to success.

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