Saturday, August 23, 2008

Freelance writing opportunities

Freelance writing opportunities are definitely in plenty today. If you wish to work from home, have the requisite skills and qualifications; then you no longer have to leave the convenience and comfort of your home. With Google and other search engine giving “good content” immense importance, there are a huge number of opportunities. If you have a flair for the pen or rather the keyboard, grabbing a big slice of the huge cake is not difficult.

You can start today and make the most of your time and skills. One thing to remember here is this is definitely not a quick rich formula. If that is what you are looking for, it is sure going to disappoint you. Writing online is a work from home opportunity that allows you to definitely earn some good money and use your education and talents well. The requisites for beginning a writing career online are fairly simple:
•A good understanding of the English language and the ability to express your thoughts well.
•A flair for writing and a good knowledge of the internet (how to use search engines and do research on various topics online).
•A computer and a good and reliable internet connection. You need to be available on Skype, Google talk, Yahoo messenger or any other communication lines.
•Many employers would require you to have a degree in English literature or Mass communication (however, most today are ready to give you a chance if you are good at your work).

How does it work?
The general pattern of beginning online writing would be to:
•Apply for a job with your resume and a sample of your writings. Some employers do ask you to quote your rates also. We will discuss the remuneration in the coming days.
•Most employers require you to write a test on a sample topic decided by them.
The resume is the first step that gets you the attention of the prospective employer. If your resume is well-written and is backed by good related experience or a sample, you sure stand a chance to be short-listed. Once short-listed, the test article is what finally gets you the job. Do not compromise on quality and originality at any stage whether an amateur or an experienced writer – this is the key to building a good reputation here.

I have previously mentioned two resources namely, and There are several job boards online that provide you ads regularly(will add them to the blog posts from time to time). Here are two more that would help you in your search online – and These sites carry several ads that would interest you. At the Naukri. Monster and Times jobs sites you can register for free, upload your resume and directly apply to the employers placing the ads. Verifying the reliability of the advertiser is however, very important. Make enquiries before you begin.

Writing or blogging online is a great telecommuting opportunity that I have enjoyed for over two years now. It provides me the satisfaction of working from the comfort of my home, a good earning and the time and opportunity to be with my family.