Saturday, May 15, 2010

Freelance writing - a good career option for stay at home moms

The title I am sure says a lot about the topic I would like to introduce today. All I have to say is based on my own experiences in the field. Freelance writing is truly a great career option for a stay at home mom. From a stay at home just a few years back, writing has embarked me on to a new career option that allows me to pursue my interests, make a good contribution to my family income and also be there at home for my family.

A stay at home mom just a few years back I was on the look out for a career option that allowed me to be at home and take care of home, hubby and my little daughter.It was surely not easy finding this idea, however, having found an opportunity that works well for me, I would definitely like to share it with all who are on the look out for a work from home opportunity.

What should you do to get started?
1-First and foremost it is important to build up a good portfolio and make a strong presence online. This might seem uninteresting in the beginning as you would want to embark at the earliest on a paying job. However, having a list of articles published online would help further your career prospects. It would help prospective employers know about you and also provide a good idea about the quality of your work.

2-Start with a blog or website of your own so that employers know what to expect and also that you are serious about your work. Make regular posts and update the content.

3- Check out the list of the top article directories online and get started by submitting articles there. Article marketing is a powerful tool online and really helps to gain exposure which would soon translate into work and income. Here is a list of the top 50 article directories online. Start writing now and start submitting.

4- Social bookmarking is another important tool that you must use simultaneously to widen your horizon and make your presence felt. Here is a list of social bookmarking sites that you could use to submit links to your articles and your website.

5-The key online is to make your presence known, create as many backlinks as possible and this would ultimately bring in traffic to your site.

6- Along with article marketing and making posts it is important to dig out the different job opportunities for work at home moms and keep applying. Do not expect instant results. It would take few months of regular and good effort to get started and establish yourself. Initiative and working constantly to fulfill your aim is essential.

7-Ensure high quality of work. Your work speaks for itself. Make sure that you stick to deadlines. Quality work delivered on time is sure to add to your credibility in the field.

When you have clients coming back to you with repeat orders for articles, you can be sure that all your effort is truly worth it and from here on there will be just no looking back. Patience and persistence is the key.

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