Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Freelance writing and blogging jobs

Have been getting queries from a reader Sudha Gopal on how to go about starting a career in freelance writing. Sudha I have definitely been wanting to post more often however, with the present commitments unable to do so. Anyway promise to be more regular from now on.

This blog was basically started to share my experiences so that those desirous of starting to work from home could benefit from my experience. To begin with in the online world you do not see your potential client and so you need to be a little wary. Although this does not mean not working. Be sure to start work with a reputed company or individual. Make the terms of work and payment clear right from the beginning. It would be better to agree for a daily or weekly payment till you know your client and his/her intentions for sure.

Here are a list of sources where you would find ads for freelance writing, proof reading and blogging posted and updated on a regular basis.You could send out your resume for what you deem fit as per your interest and qualifications. Do not expect results overnight. Although there is a common perception that it is easy to find a job online, it is really not so. To begin with :
- - Darren Rowse also known as the king of blogging offers a job board wherein new blogging and writing jobs are posted regularly.
- here you would find a compiled list of blogging opportunities.

I am sure for a beginning these sources would be of use to you. Would from time to time post new sources as and when I do come upon good ones. Please do verify each opportunity and potential employer thoroughly before going further ahead.


Francis Larkin said...

Simply Hired, a Google for jobs, launched in India this week.

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